Red Glass Flat Perfume Bottle


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An antique style ruby cut glass perfume bottle with a glass stopper. This lovely hand cut glass bottle is a flat round shape with a large crystal glass stopper and holds approximately 100ml. Use it as the perfect finishing touch for your period dressing table or bathroom. This traditional style perfume bottle is hand cut glass which makes each one unique and slightly irregular with some imperfections in the glass which add to its vintage charm. This item is hand made cut glass. This means during the manufacturing process there may have been some slight imperfections or irregularities introduced such as small air bubbles or blemishes to the surface. These give the item a more unique individually made look than if it had been mass produced by machine. We feel these imperfections add to the look of the item rather than detract from it. As such any imperfections should be regarded as a feature of the manufacturing process rather than as a fault. Measurements: 15.2 x 3.2 x 3.2cm


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