Cutlery Holder


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A polished solid natural wooden storage organiser with four sections and handles to the side. This useful and attractive pot would make the perfect place to story all your cutlery, on display in the dining room or as a utensils holder in a kitchen, dining room or restaurant. The tray has a slightly distressed finish to give the appearence of age with the natural grains of the wood adding a rustic touch. The organiser has four internal sections divided by the same natural solid wood and would be great for using as a desk tidy or as a handy space to store knitting needles, paintbrushes or cosmetic brushes! The curved handles to the side make it easy to carry between rooms and would be perfect for cafes, pubs and restaurants to store cutlery and condiment sachets in and easily carry to tables! This item has a slightly distressed finish which is not intended to look perfect. The imperfections and blemishes are intentional and should not be regarded as faults. Each internal section measures approximatley 15cm high x 7cm wide x 7cm deep. Measurements: 18.4 x 18.4 x 17.8cm


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